You’re a creepy one, Elf on the Shelf


When Christmas nears, Elf on the Shelf appears in families homes across the country. The Christmas tradition, while very common, is not exactly normal when one mentions it aloud. A family has an… Continue reading

My Move from Liberia to America


My name is Sarah Mulbah. I’m 18 years old and I was born on March 16,1997 in Milovi, Liberia. I’m the only girl in my family, but I have three younger brothers. My… Continue reading

Just Another Day


By Omar Martinez Jr. Before I even started to walk into the plane I felt the presence of many.  As we walked in, we could see many different faces with many different belongings.… Continue reading

In Two Months


By A. Gentry The peppery rays of sun splash across my face as I look up. I breath in sweet tulips from where the soft wind carried their sent. There’s nothing but endless… Continue reading

A Little Taste of Home


By Lexi R. I felt the lumps of the cobblestone road pound against my feet as I sprinted through the streets Looking at all the grey tall buildings that had always made me… Continue reading

My journey from Guyana to America


By: Sophia Crum-Ewing Taking one last look around the empty streets I think to myself “Is this the right choice for me?” Leaving everything I once had and now coming to a whole… Continue reading

Eleanor’s Journey from Italy to America


By: Lutia Crum-Ewing “The food, beautiful buildings, friends, family, these are the things that we’re leaving behind” I said to myself roaming down the streets of Italy one chilly morning. Goosebumps were running… Continue reading

My Journey to America


By: Erin Dear My name is Gerhard Max Döering. I was born into a wealthy family from Dresden Germany in 1892. My mother stayed at home with us kids while my father owned… Continue reading

Journey to America


By: Bobby F. “Privyet Zenovia, kak dela?” I asked the short brooding man in front of me “Mag, you know my Russian isn’t good enough for that,” Zenovia looked at me exasperated “You… Continue reading

Peace or Violence: which is right?


By: Elizabeth Nguyen Notice: This is a revised version of my original blog post on violence. I decided to revise the post because there was little development and explanation on the counterclaim and… Continue reading

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    Be. Dream. Do. In that order. The view outside room 142 ❄️❄️💗 #snow #teachersofinstagram Period 6 has a vibrant discussion about whether one person can make a difference or if there are times appropriate to be a bystander. #discussion #freshmen  #teachersofinstagram #classrooms Second day of student-led discussions. Today, we focus on bystanders using Night and article "Thirty-eight Who Saw Murder and Didn't Call the Police" #classrooms #teachersofinstagram #discussion #freshmen After discussion, students exchange feedback with their partners. #freshman #discussion #socraticseminar Period 5 character maps #sophomore #literature #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Period 1 character maps #sophomore #literature #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Character mapping Macbeth. #sophomore #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #students #classroom #literature #shakespeare Students partner up, one participates in discussion on inner circle, the other observes and provides feedback. #discussion #freshman #teachersofinstagram Inner circle switching with outer circle in freshmen's first Socratic Seminar! Sophomores just finished Act I of Macbeth! We are shocked by the ferocity and evil of Lady Macbeth. 😈😇😯💀👀🔪 #students #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #sophomore Using our prior knowledge and recent materials to understand the how and why of Socratic Seminar (student-led) discussions. #students #discussion #freshmen #teachersofinstagram
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