Should College Athletes be Paid?


O’Neil, Daniel X. Football Field. 2011. Flickr. Web. 28 Jan. 2016. <;. The NCAA is one of the top grossing companies in the United States. This company has many employees, and most of… Continue reading

Bowling: Sport or Not?


As the doors of the bowling alley open, the smell of lysol shoe cleaner fills the air. Pins crash to the ground after the ball comes through, and people celebrate after they roll… Continue reading

Should Cities Provide Wifi?


Information travels across the Internet close to the speed of light, so it could go around the world almost 7.5 times in one second. Today, Americans spend around eleven hours on electronic media,… Continue reading

Should Guitars be Taught in Schools?


As people walk down the city street they are greeted by guitars from talented musicians giving them a break from the constant noise pollution created by the construction down the street and the… Continue reading

What Makes This Art?


  It’s five hundred years in the future. A group of threatening aliens recently arrived on earth. They propose to eliminate the human race unless we humans have a real justification for our… Continue reading

From catching thieves to saving the city: the best of the best


“Give me your wallet!” he viciously yelled across the alleyway. The family of four, two kids, one dad, one mom,  stood, petrified, speechless. “Now!” he roared. Just as the father of the children… Continue reading

Who is the better soccer player? Messi is.


The whistle blows there time signalling the end of a 90 minute soccer game the score, 4-0 Barcelona the losers are Real Madrid. These are two of the biggest teams of this time… Continue reading

Pens or Pencils, which one do you choose?


CC license Steven Lilley  “Pens and pencils” via flickr If one had to choose to write with a pen or pencil for their whole life, which would they choose? For students who chose… Continue reading

Do you have to have superpowers to be a superhero?


A soldier feels the grains of sand biting into his skin as he looks for the target he sent for. Suddenly, the soldier feels the pain of a bullet tearing into the flesh… Continue reading

Are Pictures Ruining Our Lives?


Over the summer I went to a concert with my friend. We were very focused on trying to make sure we had photos and videos, but both of our phones died. We still… Continue reading

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