Who Will Win the Superbowl?


    It’s playoff time in the NFL and this has everyone wondering who will win the Superbowl? Will in be the Seahawks or even the Steelers? The answer is no, there are only a… Continue reading

Relative to the Eye of the Beholder


“I always find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting,” said Marc Jacobs, an American fashion designer. He has the opinion that beauty is in… Continue reading

Shifts in the Popularity of American Sports


Retired soccer player and director Claudio Reyna once said, “Over the last 10-15 years, you’ve seen soccer finally start to grow at a fast pace, start to get the recognition it deserves, and… Continue reading

The Beautiful In Art


By: Malia Fellenbaum Does art have to be beautiful to be called art? This question has been argued and discussed for years. Art has changed throughout the centuries. When do people decide that… Continue reading

Constantly Capturing Life: Positive or Negative?


I can’t believe I said yes…what was I thinking? I glanced at the picture of me ziplining at Adventure Camp for the first time all those years ago and smiled as memories of… Continue reading

Should College Athletes be Paid?


Athletes today are overworked, enervated, and broke. They are at the height of their career performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, but what are most of them getting out of… Continue reading

Color: Does it Hurt?


On August 28, 1963, over 250,000 people marched in Washington D.C to stand for equality. A situation that has been going on for centuries, men and women were treated unfairly because of the… Continue reading

Who will teach the world’s future generations?


Far into the past, robots never existed. Everyone would do their work on their own. But since we are in the twenty-first century, more and more robots are being used. The United States… Continue reading

Smartphone Addiction


Although smartphones may be convenient and an easy tool to find information, they can provide inaccurate information and can be extremely dangerous to a teen’s health. Smartphones are not only an extreme health… Continue reading

PC is the superior choice


I remember when I was younger, consoles were my go-to type of gaming system. Consoles seemed superior in every way to PCs. There did not seem to be a single reason to use… Continue reading

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