Photography: Helpful or Harmful




via Flickr by Xava Photography is not a Crime


“And now for my last song of the night, one of my favorites, Love Yourself.” Justin said as the crowd cheered him on. “Hey are you getting this on video?” My friend, standing to my left, yelled in my ear. “Of course, I want to remember this forever!” I yelled back. Like I said, constantly taking photos is beneficial because if a moment is captured on a camera or phone the memory can be remembered forever and never forgotten, especially at a Justin Bieber concert!


  Pictures document special events that may otherwise be lost forever. “9 Amazing Benefits of Photography” by Mary Segers states “You can remember exactly what was going on when that picture was snapped, cementing the memory forever.”  This shows that with taking photos the memory of an event will never fade because the person will have the pictures to always look back on.


 Photography also preserves family history;  the old and new.  Memories are made every day and by capturing them with photos they will always be preserved and never lost. Older memories, such as family history, can be maintained and never forgotten. Therefore, everyone’s history will last forever. People make new memories every day, and by capturing the moments with photos, the memory will last a lifetime!


 Many people argue that continually taking photos can make people forget what happened more than they can remember. Despite helping record events, when photos are constantly being taken they can damage our memory. A study has found  that “taking too many pictures can prevent us from forming detailed memories’’ (Daily Mail Reporter, Step away from your camera phone: Constantly taking photographs STOPS our brains remembering what happened). However, photos help us remember what happened so when our brain can’t remember we can look at the photos to replenish what has happened. 


Karl  Lagerfed always stated “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Therefore, Three months later, I looked back on that night, I watched all the videos that were I had taken and listened to the amazing songs that were sung. I would never forget the great time I had because of what photos and videos I took!