Who Will Win the Superbowl?

    It’s playoff time in the NFL and this has everyone wondering who will win the Superbowl? Will in be the Seahawks or even the Steelers? The answer is no, there are only a couple of teams that have a real chance to win. The New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, and Arizona Cardinals are the three teams in the NFL with the greatest chance of winning the Superbowl.

    The Patriots have a strong chance to win the 2016 Super Bowl because of their offensive talents and experience in the Super Bowl. The Patriots sit at a record of 12-2 and both of their loses were a deficit of seven points or less. As seen in the table below, the Patriots have the third best offense in the NFL with the number one quarterback, Tom Brady, and the number one tight end, Rob Gronkowski. Both of these players are elected to the Pro-Bowl with a high amount of votes over any other contender. New England also has experience in high stakes games. The Patriots have been to the AFC championship eight times in the past eleven years and have been in the Super Bowl five times since 2003. They have won the Super Bowl four times out of those five with Tom Brady including their win last year. Because the Patriots have excellence in their offense, they have the majority of votes from experts to win.

CC Licensed LearningLark September 20, 2012 flickr

CC Licensed LearningLark
September 20, 2012 flickr

    The Panthers have the best record in the NFL and a top three defense which is why they have a great chance to win the Superbowl. The Panthers are now 14-0 and have been in the driver’s seat of this regular season. They have won all of their games by more than seven points except for one game. Their defense is ranked as the third best defense in the NFL which can be seen in the table below. They have two pro-bowl linebackers, Luke Kuechly and Lavonte David, and also have the overall number one ranked cornerback, Josh Norman. This defense has let up the least amount of rushing yards all year and for a team to have success in scoring the points a rushing game is very important. Not only does their defense take charge during games but their quarterback, Cam Newton, is the second best in the league. These statistics show why most experts think the Panthers will win the 2016 Super Bowl.

    The Cardinals have Strong Defense and a strong Offense so a Super Bowl win for them is not unheard of. Arizona is surprising everybody with a record of 12-2, but their statistics on offense and defense demonstrate they belong with the top tier of teams.The Cardinals defense is the second best defense in the league. Although their defense isn’t made up of any stars, they have let up the least amount of points all year. The pass defense is very strong with Patrick Peterson, cornerback, as their leader. Changing over to the offensive side of this team, the Cardinals have the best offense in the NFL and can be seen in the table below. They score the most points out of any offense with Carson Palmer leading the passing attack. Arizona does have bad news considering their best running back, Chris Johnson, tore his ACL and is out for the season. Rookie, David Johnson, has picked up the workload and seems to be handling it well. With the best offense and the best defense in the league there isn’t anybody who could doubt that the Arizona Cardinals have the opportunity to win the Superbowl.

    Although I think the Cardinals, Panthers, and Patriots have the greatest chance to win the superbowl, the Denver Broncos are a team that is threatening those chances. The Broncos have the number one defense in the league. Their pass defense is unstoppable with Demarcus Ware and Von Miller who get to the quarterback faster than any other two players in the league. This causes the quarterback to rush his throw which often means it will be incomplete or one of the cornerbacks will intercept it. Denver is also on a hot streak where it looks like they can’t be stopped. This team has won five straight games in a row which is the highest streak of any team right now. Because of their stellar defense and current hot streak the Broncos have a chance to upset the Cardinals, Panthers, or Patriots.

    The Super Bowl will be held in February which means there will be playoff games with big upsets. These upsets happen every year and when a team loses they don’t have a second chance. Each team has one shot and it is threatened at every play. The road to the Superbowl is tough but the team that fights, does not hang their heads after a loss ,and will come back the next week because they have already forgot about their loss will be the team who wins the Super Bowl.


Patriots Panthers Cardinals
Offensive Rank 3rd 5th 1st
Defensive Rank 9th 3rd 2nd