Who is the better soccer player? Messi is.

The whistle blows there time signalling the end of a 90 minute soccer game the score, 4-0 Barcelona the losers are Real Madrid. These are two of the biggest teams of this time and the two biggest teams in Spain. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are on those two teams. The two players are always considered rivals according to the media and are always being compared.  Although the media always pits them against them other Messi is a better overall soccer than Ronaldo.


Messi is a more complete player than Ronaldo.Lionel Messi has scored more goals and has more assists than Ronaldo. Messi is a player that impacts the game as soon as he steps on the field. Since Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid he has scored 334 goals, while messi has scored 343 showing that messi is a better scorer. During that time Messi has 124 assists, while ronaldo has only  90. This shows that while messi scores more he also helps his team more by creating chances for other players. This shows that messi is a more complete player because he has more goals and assists.


Messi and his team have won more prestigious awards since 2009 than any other team. The ballon d’Or is an award given to the best player that year which shows people are in agreement that messi is better.Messi has also won 5 ballon d’Or compared to ronaldo’s 2. Messi has won 5 ballon d’Ors showing he is a better overall player because that is the most prestigious awards a single player can achieve. The ballon d’Or also is not voted on by any person it is a group of people that are experts on soccer and study the game. The Union of European football Associations or UEFA is a tournament with a collection of the best 32 European teams. Messi has also won 2 UEFA titles. The fact that Messi has won twice shows that he can help teams win and make them better.


Ronaldo is a strong, fast striker, so some argue that ronaldo is better because he has scored more total goals and is the biggest threat on the field.  Ronaldo is considered to be the best goal scorer and that is what he does but he does it well so some consider that to bring him above Messi. However,Messi roams all over the field showing he is a more versatile player. Messi is more of a team player and does more to support the team by doing more and doing more overall than Ronaldo.


So who is better? Messi is a more complete versatile player whereas Ronaldo is a goal scorer. The comparison has been a debate and will be for many years to come because the two players are just that close in skill. The debate will surpass the two players careers. But with Messi being a more complete player that helps out the team more he is the better player.