PC is the superior choice


Picture by Official GDC via Flickr

I remember when I was younger, consoles were my go-to type of gaming system. Consoles seemed superior in every way to PCs. There did not seem to be a single reason to use a PC for gaming rather than a console. Of course, this was all until I owned my first PC. My ideologies about gaming systems changed completely and I was able to see why PCs are superior. PCs provide the best gaming experience because they have  the widest variety of games, the highest performance capabilities, and the most versatility. There are many gaming systems on the market such as the PS4 and Xbox One, the two most popular consoles. PCs offer a better gaming experience than both of these consoles.

PC is a viable gaming system for any gamer because it has the largest game variety. There are a total of 866 PS4 games and 494 Xbox One games. These numbers may seem large, but are certainly not so in comparison to a PC. There are a total of 781 million registered games on PC. A PC has roughly 550,500 times as many games as both the Xbox One and PS4 combined. More games lead to a larger audience; PCs can serve a much larger gaming audience.

The performance capabilities of a PC are higher than those of a console; it is the smoothest platform to game on. The Playstation 4, the most selling next generation console, takes twenty seconds to boot to the main menu, and the Xbox One, the second most selling next generation console, takes sixty-five seconds to boot to the main menu. A PC on the other hand, takes under ten seconds to boot to the main menu.  The majority of games on Xbox One can not even be run at sixty frames per second by this console. Sixty frames per second is the desired amount of fps (frames per second) by the human eye. Any game that runs slower than this appears choppy and unsmooth. Meanwhile, a PC can run any game at 60fps which makes it the smoothest gaming platform.

PC offers a wider variety of capabilities than the two most popular consoles on the market. On both  PS4 and Xbox One, users can browse the internet, play games, and talk to friends. However, PCs all these capabilities and more.The two most popular next-generation consoles do not offer their users the capability to program software, create art, and modify games, but a PC does. There are many software development tools available on PC such as Microsoft Visual Studio. An example of software that was programmed on a PC is Notepad++.

The opposition makes the argument that PCs cost more than consoles. An Xbox One costs 399 dollars, and a PS4 costs 349 dollars.The price range for a PC is 600 to 900 dollars. To compensate for being more expensive, PCs last longer and have cheaper games than consoles. New versions of old consoles are released every three to five years. Upgrading is a necessity for those who want to play new games. PCs last approximately seven years and never forces a user to upgrade.PC games are also cheaper than console games; twenty dollars is the usual price of a PC game while sixty dollars is the norm for console games. This saves the user money over time. PCs are more expensive than consoles but still a better value.

Consoles can seem like the superior type of gaming system because of how popular they are. When this topic is delved deeper into, it becomes quite undeniable that PCs are better. PCs have a larger variety of games, higher performance capabilities, and are more versatile. Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, said PC gaming has always been strong, and I see it surviving for quite a few more years. It will be around for at least as long as people use PCs.” PCs are not going away any time soon.