How Important is Communication Really?


Communication Matters


Outside of the high school I waited. My parents said that the would be there around 45 minutes ago. Out of nowhere it started to downpour on me. Just what I needed after a long, hard day at school and basketball practice. The rain felt almost rhythmic against my head and shoulders. The rain reminded me that I am alone and wet. Nobody wants me. These are all the thoughts that forgotten children have had experience with. No reasonable parents would want their child to think in this manner which is why knowing that the child is safe and well cared for should be priority number one in parenting.

When proper communication is established, then it becomes much less of a hassle and everything runs smoothly. Proper communication is established when one person knows the whereabouts about one or more people.For example, when somebody must pick somebody else up from an activity, then communication becomes essential if they want to get to their destination safely and punctually. An example of this is when somebody texts another person letting them of some changes in the plans. Therefore now everyone understands the change and new adjustments can be made. The same can be done for children 15 years and younger. For instance, when practice is cancelled and the guardians/parents don’t know about the change then it should come as no surprise if no one comes to pick the child up. What is left is the confusion of why no one is picking up the juvenile and the guardian/parent will not know or understand where the minor is and whether they’re safe or not.

Monitoring children is also essential because parents will know whether their child is safe or in danger which can lower anxiety levels. This is important because if the parent is anxious then it is only made worse when they have no idea where their child is.What is my child doing? Are they safe? These are the thoughts that run through the minds of parents when they don’t know where their child or children are. This is what can overly stress parents and make matters worse in their private and professional lives.

Despite these benefits, monitoring children at all times can cause some problems. One is kids become extremely attached and overly reliant on their parents. For instance when children are young, parents supply both transportation and money for lunch, sports, and entertainment. When the kids get older, it would be a huge leap or transition for the kids to start paying rent and buying their own cars. The child would have to learn everything for themselves which can be a disadvantage compared to someone of their own age already having experience. However challenge this, other than thinking about the disadvantage in that negative light, it can actually be a positive. Children that depend on their parents means that they developed a tight relationship with their parents and know that no matter what they will always be there with you. So while the kid may be a little slow to understand some important lessons in life, they will always know that they have encouraging parents to help them learn.

So while there could be many disadvantages and advantages, there is no doubt that a child is an important part of the family. So their is only the question of how important the child is to their family. Will they always be alone waiting for their family’s support and love? Or will the child know that they are always thought of. However this may be approached, there is no question that the best parents are the ones that show their undying love to their children in every way possible.