Bowling: Sport or Not?

bowling 2

As the doors of the bowling alley open, the smell of lysol shoe cleaner fills the air. Pins crash to the ground after the ball comes through, and people celebrate after they roll a strike. Some are there to have fun, and others are there to practice, but people are still divided if the game of bowling qualifies as a sport. Since bowling needs skill and competition, it is a sport.

The sport of bowling requires skills such as holding the ball and knowing where to aim. The proper way to hold the bowling ball is to place three fingers into the three holes with the dominant hand. The technique is to not let the fingers bend because the ball coming off of the fingers at an odd angle will mess up the original aim. The other hand is placed on top of the ball for support because bowling balls are heavy. The perfect way to aim the bowling ball is to find the “sweet spot”. Finding the right spot may take time, but it will all be worth it when the ball takes down all ten pins in one roll. Once the perfect location to put the ball is established, that is the place to aim each time. Also knowing how to adjust the aim  based on how many pins are left standing is key in bowling.

In addition to needing skills, bowling is competitive and requires keeping score. A sport is defined as an activity where teams compete against each other. Two teams compete against each other and at the end there is a winner and a loser. The winner and loser is determined by the score. That is kept by adding up the number of pins knocked down each turn. Additional points are added when a bowler gets a strike or a spare. Keeping score is a way to acknowledge the competition between the two teams. It is also used to show that the game is played for more than to just have a good time.

Some people may argue that bowling is just a game to play for fun. Many think this because people bowl just to have a good time. Some may also argue that bowling is just an activity to do while spending time with friends and family or that athleticism is not necessary in order to bowl. However, bowling is not just for fun. For some people it is about improving their skills. Practicing takes place 3 times a week for some people with their teams getting ready for their next game. Also, athleticism is needed in bowling because there are specific strength training exercises targeted for the muscles used.

After having a good time and opening the bowling alley’s doors, the night air refreshes the senses. With muscles aching and a great victory still on the mind, a little bit of thinking leads to the obvious answer. Bowling is indeed a sport.