Batman the not so Super, Hero

“You’re the one pointing the gun, Harvey. So point it at the people who are responsible. We all acted as one…Gordon…me…and you.” Says a man from the shadows.

“Fair enough. You first.” Harvey Dent, otherwise known as Two-Face, pulls the gun away from the small boy’s neck to shoot at the man in the shadows who falls to the ground bleeding from his stomach. Harvey walks to Commissioner Gordon and his son. Suddenly from the shadows the man tackles Harvey Dent into a hole in the flooring. The stunned commissioner peeks over the hole to discover that Dent has broken his neck, but James is safe. the man from the shadows, this figure of hope, musters his strength to grasp both a joist and the child. The commissioner pulls his son to safety, but the man from the shadows falls into the hole as did Dent . This man from the shadows is brave, courageous, fearless, strong, and most importantly a hero. Some readers may have figured out the man from the shadows is Batman. A man who has no superpowers to fight with, but is often considered to be a superhero for saving Gotham city from villains in both comics and on the silver screen. however, Batman should not be categorized as a superhero for, he is an ordinary man with no superhuman abilities.

Even though Batman utilizes gadgets and money to his advantage, they are not super powers. Bruce Wayne is an American billionaire who has invented gadgets and weapons for his alter ego Batman’s use. Some of those gadgets are  the batarang, the batmoblie, and his Batman utility belt. Some may argue that the gadgets help batman fight crime and because those gadgets benefit Batman, they could be considered powers.  However, these gadgets aren’t super human powers. Super powers are a popular culture term for a fictional superhuman ability, which would make sense because a superhero is a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers. Batman does not have any super powers, therefore; Batman is nothing more than a man in a costume, with  gadgets and a tragic backstory.

Although Batman possesses great intellect and wealth, these characteristics are not superpowers. he’s widely acknowledged as the greatest detective in the Detective comics universe, outperforming plenty of people who do possess superpowers, and in the batman movies along with TV series’ Batman always seems to be one step ahead. However I would argue no because, Batman’s intellect and wealth are not astonishing powers that are magical, paranormal, or pseudo-scientific powers defying the laws of science, meaning batman doesn’t have superpowers. Meaning he is not a superhero.

In some comic book universes batman has had super powers but, Batman has not been able to sustain super powers, and because of that he doesn’t not possess superhuman abilities. In justice league issue #38 Batman suffers from the amazo virus which, robs metahumans (like Flash, Shazam, and Aquaman) of their powers, whereas normal humans get flu-like symptoms and superpowers. Batman recieved bat powers, which is somewhat ironic, such as echolocation and super sonic sound waves. Then once the human’s system can’t take it anymore, they’ll lose the powers or even worse they could die.

Although some may argue that Batman’s system could take these powers and he’d never lose the powers, there is a possibility of that happening but if that were to happen then he would be the only “hero” to have obtained and possessed the powers of the amazo virus. The odds aren’t in Batman’s favor but, if he were to pull it off he would still be blind as a bat, pun intended, and only be able to use the echolocation and super sonic sound waves he is given as a result of the Amazo virus; therefore he wouldn’t be the same person and could lose some of the skills that my opposition has argued for earlier.

Batman has not been able to sustain super powers, and because of that he doesn’t not possess superhuman abilities, like you or I. Batman has saved many lives in both his movies and in his comics but, he is not a superhero, nor will he ever be. Without super powers batman can not be a superhero but he is a hero, like commissioner Jim Gordon says as batman walks away after saving the commissioner’s son “he’s the hero Gotham deserves… but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him, because he can take it.  Because he’s not our hero he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a dark knight.”