Are People Addicted to their Devices?


The feeling that she forgot something pops up in her mind as she leaves the house. She is half way to work and she looks around for her phone. She can’t find it. She realizes she left it upstairs on the bathroom counter. She starts to get a nervous feeling in her stomach and she not sure how she’s going to make it through the day without her phone. She wants to turn around but she can’t be late for work. As she gets closer to work and she’s starting to worry about missing an important text or email, she turns around and heads back home to get it. Forgetting important devices in the morning can cause most people a lot of stress, and they usually can’t get through the day without them. Usually a person uses more than one kind of device a day. We are too addicted to our devices because we use them for reading, communicating, learning, entertainment, etc.


Throughout the day people are always connected to their social media.  They are constantly checking their devices for updates. There is an abundant of social media being used that nobody wants to put their devices down, because they are scared of what they are going to miss. We are too addicted to our devices because of us constantly checking our social media. Even though social media is great, if we didn’t have so much of it people wouldn’t feel the need to be on their phones as often. If we aren’t able to stop checking our social media, people are going to miss what is going on with the world around them.  We are addicted to always wanting to know what is going on with everyone else around us, therefore, we are addicted to our devices as well since the only way to find out what we want to know is through technology.


People also constantly communicate with one another through technology. We are constantly texting one another asking questions, having conversations, arguing about an issue, or sending pictures. Doctor’s offices also confirm and communicate to their patients via different forms of technology.  Everyone loves to communicate through our devices because it’s a lot easier than communicating in person. You have time to think about what you are going to say to someone instead of being put on the spot which causes people to text and communicate more through devices rather than taking the time to talk face to face. However, being able to communicate with one another can improve good life skills. By learning to talk with more people in person it can improve the skills when a presentation might need to be given at work or school. Communicating through technology is also less time consuming which allows people to use it more. Although these things can all be good people are becoming addicted because of the shortcuts they can use due to our devices.


During the week and throughout the school day students are constantly taking out their devices in the middle of class to look up information. Although this form of education has been extremely helpful and has improved our learning, we have become addicted to constantly relying on our devices for the answers. Students in school are always on their phones looking for an answer or explanation. Even after school students are on their devices to look up assignments, check their emails, look at their grades, or to read an online textbook.

It has been proven that students brains are still developing until they are 25. The use of devices affect brain development and how the brain works. Therefor during school students should still be using books throughout the day to look up information, so the brain develops the correct way. Even after school students are on their devices to look up assignments, check their emails, look at their grades, or to read an online textbook. You can access everything from devices and therefore nobody is able to live without them.


On the other hand, devices could also be viewed as a necessity. Since technology is constantly advancing, people have no other option than to use their phones, computers, and tablets for work, school, and entertainment. Some argue that people are not addicted because they need devices to communicate, research, and entertain themselves throughout the day.  People should communicate more in person rather than more through devices. People should read more from hardcopy books because in 2014 a study was done and was proved that reading from an actual book helps with comprehension.  


Hopefully in a couple years society will lose interest  in advancing our technology, so people don’t keep using more and more of it. However,  devices are constantly advancing which causes people to use them even more. The constant need to always advance technology suggests that people are addicted. With people constantly communicating, researching, and checking social media through devices it doesn’t give anyone time without them. It is clear that technology is controlling society rather than society controlling it.