Are High School Students Prepared for the Real World?


Are high school students prepared for the real world?

By: Kaylee Thomas

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After coming out of high school what have students learned to do? They know how to find the missing side length of a triangle, find the chemical formula for sugar, wright a 10 paragraph essay, and know all the Enlightenment thinkers and what they all did. What happens when a student later in life is about to become a parent? Good thing they know all about the different types of triangles instead of knowing how to give their child the food and nutrition it needs to be healthy. Or what about when a student later in life has college loans, a car payment, and a house payment all due and doesn’t have a steady job yet. Good thing they know all the elements on the periodic table of elements, right?

In the Hershey High School there are math classes, English classes, science classes, etc., but there are not many classes teaching students necessary skills for their life after high school. For example, students are required to take a biology class, but a very low percent of students are going to use the skills they learn from biology later in life. Classes that teach students skill that will be used later in life are necessary for the students of Hershey High School to become better educated for the real world. Managing personal finance, sex education, and child care are three classes that should be provided as a mandatory class in Hershey High School. This is not saying math, English, and science classes should be taken out of the curriculum because they shouldn’t, those classes are useful to students. However, students are not being taught basic skills that they are going to need to create a stable life for themselves.

One class that should be provided in Hershey High School is a managing personal finance class. This class Β would teach how to pay bills, make payments, and manage money. If a student later in life decides to buy a car or go to college there will be bills and payments to make, which they most likely will not be able to do on their own because they would not have been educated on how to do so. It is also very important to know how to manage money so one will always have a supply of money and not spend it all on unnecessary items. This class would help every student that takes it to be better off in life.

Sex education is another important class that should be implemented in Hershey High School’s curriculum. Many people will eventually experience sex in life. This class will educate students on how important it is to be safe about sex. Students would be taught about the risks of sex, such as STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and what to do if something goes wrong. For some people a pregnancy or an STD would ruin their life, but maybe they didn’t know how to prevent these difficulties. These two situations and others can be prevented if students learned about them. Hershey High School does have a health class that has one unit on sex education, but that is not nearly enough time to teach students the risks and responsibilities that come with having sex.

The third class that should be introduced into the Hershey High School curriculum is a child care class. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, unplanned pregnancies can and do happen. Many people are scared when this happens because they know nothing about babies and children, which is why a class teaching about how to take care of a child is very important. People who plan to have a baby later in life will benefit from this class by knowing the basic skills on how to take care of a child. People who babysit will also benefit from this class. There would be less of a risk for something to go wrong because they would have the knowledge to take care of a child. If by chance something went wrong, the babysitter would know how to fix the problem because they would have been educated on how to do so.

Some citizens living in the Hershey School District would argue against implementing these classes into the curriculum. They could say it would be too costly for citizens and for the school because more teachers would have to be hired and there aren’t any rooms available to accommodate new classes. These arguments make sense, but they can be worked out. Every classroom is not in use all day, so when a classroom is not in use another class can take place there. Adding these classes will also cost money. One way the school can get the money needed is to cut back on some of the items the Hershey High School is buying. The school recently provided every teacher with a new MacBook. A couple thousand dollars were spent on those MacBooks; instead, money spent on unnecessary items can be saved and used toward new classes.
Making changes to the Hershey High School so students will be provided with a managing personal finance, sex education, and child care class is necessary. Providing these classes would make the students of Hershey High School to be smarter about life choices and know how to start an independent life for themselves.Β