My journey from Guyana to America

By: Sophia Crum-Ewing

Taking one last look around the empty streets I think to myself “Is this the right choice for me?” Leaving everything I once had and now coming to a whole new place? My name is Anthony Crum-Ewing at just nineteen years old I was going to take a journey that would change my life forever. My youngest sister Penny who was about sixteen at the time was about to undergo this all the way from Guyana located in South America and come here to the United States. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The sun beams down on me as I’m strolling through the 75 degree weather.  Penny and I race to the airport. I didn’t exactly know what Penny was thinking so I turned  to her and said “Everything will be okay” she gave me a look of relief and we kept on moving.

I was scared as I looked in every direction seeing all new faces as we arrive at the BWIA terminal ,also known as ¨Bee-wee¨. It had become one of the leading Caribbean airlines carrying over 1.4 million passengers a year. That alone blew my mind. My body felt like it was trembling to pieces the closer we reached the plane. Once I saw a large sign with bright bold letters “BRITISH WEST INDIES AIRWAYS”. I felt uncontrollable feeling because the thought of my life changing after this moment made me think long and hard about if things are going to be what I envisioned.

Everything was happening so fast I didn’t know where to begin. The goosebumps growing as I moved on. Many questions were running through my head “Is this the best choice for me? Why now?” Trying to look past it all and think about the positive is hard to do with many thoughts running through my mind. We only had brought one suitcase each filled with baggy T- Shirts, sweatpants,some nice church clothes and my one favorite pairs of shoes: my 1970’s Glam Rock band Snakeskin platforms. I look out and see the sign that says BWIA (British West Indies Airway gate)  I take in a deep breath in as we find our seats. I had promised my sister that everything was going to be okay she replied and said “I hope you’re right because I don’t know how I’m going to adjust to life here in America” We gaze at each other with a smirk. We left it at that and we began taking off. I had no idea how I would feel in my new life. Will things go as planned? I had no idea how this was going to turn out. I wonder if I would find a way to pursue all of my dreams, also having the life I had always dreamed of.

I’m looking forward to  finally being able to get a good job and start a family, also to meet new people and see how life is different from Guyana where the weather was always warm about mid 70’s or 80’s. It was nice to know you’re surrounded by nothing more than welcoming and loving people here in the Guyana Caribbean culture . Coming to a place now where I’ll know no one but my sister, compared to where I was from everyone knew each other and got along perfectly. I already knew so many things were going to be different. The plane ride had felt as if it was a lifetime but in reality it was just a couple of hours. In my head I thought to myself “How long will it take me to adjust to life here in America? What things are going to be different?” It was only until I stepped foot off that plane for me to realize what life really was about. I knew that I needed to get my life together It seemed like everything was happening so quickly and fast paced.

A few months later I had finally started to like it in America. Back home everyone knew each other and now coming to a place where I will know no one but my sister was going to be difficult. But I knew that we had to stick together in order for us to feel a sense of comfort. It feels like my life is finally coming together even though its been a short period being here. Looking back thinking how much has changed it made me realize that this was the right thing for me to do. The reason is because here in America I can finally have the opportunities I’ve always dreamed of. I can have a better job, and start a family which is something I knew wouldn’t be right starting back home.

My life has changed for the better. In Guyana people always wore Sari’s or Western styled clothing, eating different foods. Even with the way people treated each other was a major difference compared to what it is now here. More natural resources and a more laid back atmosphere. It’s nice getting to know other people and see how everyone is different in their own way. Having this type of experience at a young age has helped me in so many ways and  acknowledging that this isn’t something many people get to do, living in a country far away and come all the way here to the US. I confessed to Penny saying “Now this is what life should be like, it was meant to be.”

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