Monthly Archive: May, 2015

In Two Months


By A. Gentry The peppery rays of sun splash across my face as I look up. I breath in sweet tulips from where the soft wind carried their sent. There’s nothing but endless… Continue reading

A Little Taste of Home


By Lexi R. I felt the lumps of the cobblestone road pound against my feet as I sprinted through the streets Looking at all the grey tall buildings that had always made me… Continue reading

My journey from Guyana to America


By: Sophia Crum-Ewing Taking one last look around the empty streets I think to myself “Is this the right choice for me?” Leaving everything I once had and now coming to a whole… Continue reading

Eleanor’s Journey from Italy to America


By: Lutia Crum-Ewing “The food, beautiful buildings, friends, family, these are the things that we’re leaving behind” I said to myself roaming down the streets of Italy one chilly morning. Goosebumps were running… Continue reading

My Journey to America


By: Erin Dear My name is Gerhard Max Döering. I was born into a wealthy family from Dresden Germany in 1892. My mother stayed at home with us kids while my father owned… Continue reading

Journey to America


By: Bobby F. “Privyet Zenovia, kak dela?” I asked the short brooding man in front of me “Mag, you know my Russian isn’t good enough for that,” Zenovia looked at me exasperated “You… Continue reading

Peace or Violence: which is right?


By: Elizabeth Nguyen Notice: This is a revised version of my original blog post on violence. I decided to revise the post because there was little development and explanation on the counterclaim and… Continue reading

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    Be. Dream. Do. In that order. The view outside room 142 ❄️❄️💗 #snow #teachersofinstagram Period 6 has a vibrant discussion about whether one person can make a difference or if there are times appropriate to be a bystander. #discussion #freshmen  #teachersofinstagram #classrooms Second day of student-led discussions. Today, we focus on bystanders using Night and article "Thirty-eight Who Saw Murder and Didn't Call the Police" #classrooms #teachersofinstagram #discussion #freshmen After discussion, students exchange feedback with their partners. #freshman #discussion #socraticseminar Period 5 character maps #sophomore #literature #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Period 1 character maps #sophomore #literature #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Character mapping Macbeth. #sophomore #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #students #classroom #literature #shakespeare Students partner up, one participates in discussion on inner circle, the other observes and provides feedback. #discussion #freshman #teachersofinstagram Inner circle switching with outer circle in freshmen's first Socratic Seminar! Sophomores just finished Act I of Macbeth! We are shocked by the ferocity and evil of Lady Macbeth. 😈😇😯💀👀🔪 #students #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #sophomore Using our prior knowledge and recent materials to understand the how and why of Socratic Seminar (student-led) discussions. #students #discussion #freshmen #teachersofinstagram
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