Is Violence Justified When Life Is at Stake?

In today’s world citizens have to deal with the issue of violence in their everyday lives. Violence is a action that needs to be used to help people. Some residents say that they won’t ever have to use violence, but then they get robbed, assaulted or even raped. For this exact reason is why we need violence to counter violence in today’s society. One morning I was reading the news on my phone and the headline line was “Woman Raped and Left to Die”. I thought to myself that why would you not carry something to protect you?

Violence is used by the CIA to save soldiers’ lives in war. The director of the CIA  John Brennan says ” The CIA’s use of torture against terrorism suspects saved lives.” CIA director, John Brennan insisted that torture was needed.  This indicates that the nation need violence to save many innocent lives. Violence can be used to protect civilians from being killed. In Harrisburg people are faced with challenges like rape, murder, assault, and theft. Facts show 11 murders for every 20,000 people in 2012. Violence can be justified when it saves lives, but people say that violence is never needed in any situation. There is a situations where a woman was mugged during the mugging she pulled pepper spray and shot it in the muggers eyes and then proceeded to call 911. This is one of many reasons why we need violence to protect ourselves in today’s society. Have you ever used violence to protect you or someone you care about?