Violence. Long term or short term, it is never a good solution.

Although violence may achieve a temporary solution, it is never in the long run because people will eventually rebel against their oppressors.
Throughout history, every time violence was used to oppress a large mass of people, innocent lives have always been lost.  Whenever people go into a war, they always intend to hurt someone physically. However, in war we cannot account for the many innocent lives that may be lost to unexpected variables caused by war. In the Spanish conquest for the Incas, many innocent Incan people died of the viruses and sickness that the Spanish people brought with them, such as smallpox and measles. This alone killed over 20,000 incas and cut the empire in half. That’s not even including the deaths caused from actual fighting. The Incan people chose to rebel against their Spanish oppressors and lost. Once again, if we turn to history we see another similar example: The Revolutionary War. When the American colonies began to revolt against King George, what did he do? Of course he responded with violence. The war resulted in a total of 5,000 wounded and dead American soldiers. Eventually the American colonies prevailed, won the war, and became their own independent country. We see it over and over again in history that people do not respond well to long term violence. I think many of us would agree that if we were constantly physically oppressed by anyone, we would eventually snap and fight back. This is the way of humans, and this is the way of violence. It does not persuade. It only forces. If only humans would learn to not relive history, then we could finally move forwards as a species. I would like to end my writing with a quote, “Peace cannot be achieved through violence,it can only be attained through understanding”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

By: Allyson