Defending Self-Defense

By: Michael Abruzzo

Violence is seen everyday. It is mostly used to bring pain to an opposing force. But what if violence served for a good use, like protection or defense? Would it be justified? If someone is in danger, they should have a right to defend themselves through methods of self-defense.

People should have the ability to protect themselves using violence. After all, defending yourself in a dangerous situation is completely legal. In fact, a legal definitions website explains that the law permits someone to use “reasonable force to protect oneself or members of the family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor, if the defender has reason to believe he/she/they is/are in danger.” If you were alone in your house, and thieves broke in and tried to hurt you, what would you do? Would you just let it all happen right before your eyes? There aren’t many other alternatives than fighting back. Although this is true, some may argue that calling the cops would be a safer, more reliable option. After all, isn’t that what they’re there for? Contacting the police is a realistic possibility in dangerous situations, but when you are panicking, concerned, and preparing for protection, you may not think to do that in the short amount of time you may have. Who’s to say you are near a phone? How long will the call and response take? By the time the police show up, it may be too late. Self-defense may become the Plan A or the only plan. Furthermore, dangerous situations may call for actions of defense, and people cannot be afraid to use them. For instance, people teach karate and taekwondo classes for a reason. Sure, some may participate in them for the exercise, but these lessons are ancient forms of defense that were once used as true fighting styles. In fact, many people today take classes to enhance their fighting ability. There are plenty of scenarios where these methods of self-defense may become the only viable option. For example, if you are being held against your will, or maybe you are alone with no sources of help in sight. This is when people might take matters into their own hands, and they should not be penalized for doing so.

When one is in danger, there are plenty of actions that can take place that will provide safety. Self-defense is one of them. It may not be the answer all of the time, but self-defense is a justified form of violence at its appropriate times.