Monthly Archive: February, 2015

Death Penalty Justification


Is the death penalty ever justified? The death penalty should ever be an option. Violence is defined as behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.   The… Continue reading

Is it justified to use physical force against physical violence?


By: E. Nguyen Violence is justified to use against violence because, on occasion, there are no other ways handle violent people. In the 1800s, President Thomas Jefferson stated that “the United States does… Continue reading

When Violence is Justified


When Violence is Justified By: Kathy Li Violence as self-defense is justified when the person defending has no intentions to harm the attacker. When there are no intentions to harm the other person… Continue reading

Is Self-Defense using Guns Justified?


By Lexie Corcoran Self defense with the use of guns is justified. The U.S. Self defense law states, “self defense is the right for persons to use reasonable force or defensive force, for… Continue reading

Self Defense… Justified?


Self defense with the use of violence is rarely justified. When being put in a situation, where one must make the choice to fight back in a violent manner, the person must make… Continue reading

Defending Self-Defense


By: Michael Abruzzo Violence is seen everyday. It is mostly used to bring pain to an opposing force. But what if violence served for a good use, like protection or defense? Would it… Continue reading

Grading: A Duct-Taped System In Need of an Overhaul?


by Mrs. Crowley Note: My students have recently published their arguments regarding our class discussions on the role of violence in our society and safety. As I facilitated their writing process from brainstorming… Continue reading

Is Physical Violence necessary for Dehumanization?


By: Gina Tarsi Dehumanization is not limited to physical violence. Fear and distress are two emotions that a victim of violence feels. But these emotions are not specific to physical violence, sufferers of… Continue reading

Violence and the Digital Media: How does it make us feel?


By Michael Zaidel Digital media has changed human social systems for better or worse. Has digital media changed the way that people view violence? Evidence shows that young people have become less sympathetic… Continue reading

Do Insane Asylums Dehumanize Their Patients?


By: Marly Aziz I revised this blog to achieve a stronger and clearer counterclaim and rebuttal by incorporating a statistic, as well as adding more pathos by adding a real life story. “People… Continue reading

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