#OneLittleWord 2015

by: Mrs. C

Although the holiday has technically past, 2015 is still young. We’re only one week in! There’s so many days, weeks, and months remaining to create our stories, stretch ourselves, and encourage those we encounter along the way.

People feel differently about the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. Some think it’s a perfect time to reevaluate their lives and intentionally make changes. Others think it’s pointless as only 8% of people actually achieve them.

However, a new tradition has started. This one involves only One. Little. Word. Instead of repeating to ourselves: “I will exercise three times a week” or “I will put my phone away more,” I invite you to set a simple intention, let it sit with you, let it move you, and let it grow you.

Here’s the woman credited with this idea (or at least making it popular)

Others have taken on this idea as a practice to help them thrive through challenges in life, and meet goals. This woman’s story is touching as her #onelittleword helped her survive two deployments of her husband as well as childbirth and loneliness.

Already in 2015, other classrooms and students have taken on this challenge to commit to their own little words. Teachers, elementary students, teens–they all are sharing their words on social media and blogs.

So I ask you Hershey High School students of Room 142: What word will be YOURS for 2015?

More importantly, once you find it, how will you let it guide and change you? Where will you put it to keep it in your life? How will you reflect on it?

Once you decide your word, do something creative with it. Use Phonto app on iOS devices to merge your pictures with your words. Use the Canva website to help you make a beautiful design easily. Or use your own brilliant hands to create a meaningful piece that you can hang in a prominent place.

When you’re finished, send the picture to our Flickr feed using this email address: often27spirit2blog@photos.flickr.com

I can’t wait to find my own little word, and I especially can’t WAIT to see yours!

Image Credit: AxiouslyBeingHavok