Bystanders Making a Call

In class we read “38 Who Saw Murder” and had a Socratic seminar about the article.


During our discussion someone had brought up how calling the police is a very difficult task to do. It’s something extremely serious and not just a joke anymore like it was when we were little kids.


If someone had to seriously call the police when they were kids, it could’ve been a traumatizing experience that they now have to face again. I see where it would be a hard task because when I was little I would constantly have to call the ambulance/911 because my mother would pass out and have a seizure. I was little, I didn’t know what to do. It’s not always as simple as it sounds to just call the police.


You would think that when someone’s life was involved the witness should feel like they have to call because they wouldn’t want a guilty conscience. They were the ones that didn’t call the police and it costs someones life. The reasoning for the witness’s not calling the police was because they were “tired” or just “didn’t want to get involved.” One even said that they were tired; clearly the witness didn’t have a valid reason to not calling the police other than one thinking it was a lovers quarrel. It’s not always just a hard thing to do, it’s an act of laziness and selfishness.

By Eden T