Socratic Circles

My class and I participated in a  Socratic Circle.  A Socratic Circle is a discussion of an essential question in which student opinions are shared, proven, refuted, and/or refined through dialogue with other students. The Socratic Circle allows everyone the opportunity to be involved and feel comfortable to express their thoughts in an open discussion forum.


Based off of my observations during the Socratic Circle I have come to the conclusion that students are more comfortable to contribute their thoughts and ideas when it is a more open discussion. When students hear their peers sharing, it makes them feel more comfortable to participate in a discussion. Having students participate in Socratic Circles helps to take the pressure off the student, making it feel like the student is having a conversation with another peer. Also Socratic Circles help the student to gain a deeper meaning of a piece of text that they are reading.  Having students partake in Socratic Circles I feel is very beneficial .



What are your views on Socratic Circle discussions?  Please comment below.

by: Alexis G