Top 5 Christmas Movies

By Erich V.

  1. Elf- Elf is an funny family movie that anyone who needs a good laugh can watch. It is a family tradition to watch this movie on Christmas Eve. It’s not just a funny movie, it has a good plot and story to it.
  2. The Christmas Story- The Christmas Story is a great classic movie, it shows what Christmas is life for a family back then. But it also had some aspects of the movie that a normal family wouldn’t do, so it is a really funny movie.
  3. The Grinch- The Grinch is a great movie about what happens if you give people a second chance at life. Even if they are the farthest from being the same as you. One thing could make them  change their whole outlook on life.
  4. Polar Express- The Polar Express is a good movie about how people need to believe. You can never get to old to believe in something. It’s a funny movie to where the kids get on a magical train to the North Pole and how they believe in Santa.
  5. Santa Claus 3- In Santa Claus 3, the movie is a funny comedy with a twist of how Santa looks at the world. He also has problems like regular person. That even one of the most sacred people can have troubles and be funny at the same time.RankHolidayMovies