Point of Views

By: Alex Anderson

In class we tested out a Socratic seminar format and talked about the first chapter in the book Night by Elie Wiesel. Night is a memoir about the author while he went through the struggles of the Holocaust. We started off talking about how in the book he stated about babies being thrown in the air and shot in front of the other Jews. It started a discussion in why Hitler ordered the men to shoot the babies or all the other terrible things he ordered his men to do.

Some of the perspectives were different saying he did it to strike fear in the people or that he just hated the Jews so much that he decided to order it. The diversity of the point of views someone can take based on one or two sentences really interested me. I was also interested in the many supporting details for most of the point of views. It helped me realize what different ideas people can make depending on their background information and thought process.

Do any of you have a point of view to share about this topic?