How Crazy Hitler Makes Me Cringe

By: Rachel


In our freshman English class we participated in a Socratic Seminar. For preparation we were told to read 2 different texts and watch one video. One of our texts, the book Nightallowed me to have a deeper understanding of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was such a sad time for many of the Jews, but having a first hand perspective has really helped me see how terrible it really was. This book explained how the Jewish really did suffer and the steps leading up to a total marginalization of the Jews. The author of Night had a first hand perspective of the Nazi’s attempt in marginalizing the Jews.

We talked about what marginalization is and real life examples. Marginalization is when a certain party is pushed to the edge of society by not allowing them a lace in it. In a sense, that group of people or that person becomes alienated from everything else around them.

I learned that this is what Hitler decided to do. He decided to marginalize anybody who did not fit his definition of perfect. The Nazi’s were treating Jews like they were less than human. Their unalienable rights were being taken away.

I realized just how insane Hitler was.

Has anyone else read this book? Did anyone else read a book like this? The Holocaust definitely sparks a great interest for me personally.