Ginger bread Monster?

By: Dear


At the peak Mount Everest laid a small quiet cave where a gingerbread monsters sat and played. His mother was had gone to fetch him some water so Little ole ginger went out for some waffles. Behind their house was a great giant hill with candy cane trees and a waffle mill. The gingerbread monster jumped with glee and said loud and proud “waffles yipe”.  So the gingerbread monster ran up the hill only to find his friend little bill.  Little bill was quiet and still for the terror ahead was a mean Mr. Lil. Mean Mr.Lil was angry and yapping for the butter and syrup was frozen and cracking.  All of the town was filled with tire because the butter and syrup was old and expired.   Sad ole ginger moped down to his cave only to find his mom and the maid. The maid smiled and said with delight o gingy o gingy your home just in time. A light from corner was shining so bright and little ole ginny grinned with delight. It’s Christmas It’s Christmas said the little bread monster as they lay in their cave santa.