USA Holocaust Bystander?

By: MM

Recently in my English class we had discussions about “the Bystander Affect”.  In this discussion we brought up the topic of the Holocaust , and The USA was actually a bystander in that historical event.  Throughout the beginning of the Holocaust, most of the world wasn’t aware of the honorific events going on in northern Europe.  In addition to not learning about the Holocaust until a significant amount of damage was done, the USA didn’t want to get involved at first, in hope of staying neutral.

When someone in my English class brought the U.S.A’s apathy to my attention I was shocked because I always think of the U.S.A as a country that tries to help anyone in need.  I realized that the USA didn’t know much of what was going on in northern Europe in regards to the Holocaust.  Maybe if once the U.S.A was quicker to responding, many Jews’  lives would be preserved.