Socratic Seminar Time Improvement

By: Amod Mathur

The Socratic Seminar format is an amazing method for a great group discussion. It gets everyone involved and travels further with ideas, questions, and explanations.

In some Socratic Seminars, the environment becomes slightly awkward because nobody feels like they have something  to say. In other cases, such as our discussion on the role of bystanders in marginalization, it is the complete opposite. Because everyone was engaged in the discussion and had several great ideas and questions to contribute, it proved to be way too much for the time limit.

Many students were awestruck because of how fast the time went by and they didn’t have many chances to say what they wanted to say. I feel like a longer time limit or adding a talking limit of some sort would help to solve this issue.

It would be great if you, the reader, could comment with ideas or suggestions on other methods that this issue can be solved.