Role of Bystanders: Can it be Changed?

By: Allyson

Here is the link to the social experiment that inspired my idea.

After participating in the Socratic seminar in class I was reminded of a project that I did in 8th grade Gifted. It was a project called “The social experiment”.

The social experiment was when something was added something into an everyday environment to see if it changes people’s behavior.

I thought of this when during the discussion of the “What would you do?” video. It was proven that if you are better dressed and not holding alcohol you are more likely to receive help.

If people are more likely to help someone who is better dressed that someone who looks homeless then someone’s life could be in danger just because they aren’t receiving help. If our class was to conduct an experiment to try to change the way people act I’m wondering: would it work?

By adding different variables to an experiment we could try to change the way people act in a certain situation. We might be able to cause more bystanders to get involved. I think that our experiment is worth a try. Comment if you have an idea on an experiment that our class can try.

Here is the “What would you do?” video.