Cause of Hitler’s Evil

By: Kathy Li

In English class, we read the first chapter of Night by Elie Wiesel. The first chapter contained information about the actions Hitler took in the Holocaust and information about Elie and the Jews experience in being marginalized. Our freshmen class discussed more about the history and background of the Holocaust and Hitler.

What genuinely interested me was the thought put into the Holocaust. I realized that there was deeper root cause to Hitler’s hatred. I also realized that there was a deeper psychological manipulation tactic to what he did. In Night, soldiers throw babies in the air and gun them down with machine guns. I heard in the discussion that Hitler ordered the babies to be shot down to cause fear in others, and that he took only the foreign Jews to root fear in the other’s too. I also discovered that one potential reason that Hitler became evil was because his father didn’t let him become a pastor or could’ve come from a traumatic experience as a kid. The fact that Hitler slowly became worse and worse was very interesting to me.

If you guys have any more background information about Hitler or the Holocaust, please comment below.