1.5 Million Children Killed

By: Gina Tarsi

In a class discussion we began to explore the Holocaust and the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel



Eleven million people were killed in the Holocaust. These victims were murdered by the Nazi soldiers. The Nazis were under Hitler’s control. The soldiers followed Hitler blindly, and it appeared as if they didn’t have a consciousness. Out of these eleven million people killed 1.5 million were children. The book Night the author Elie Wiesel refers to a moment at a concentration camp when the soldiers would throw infants in the air and shoot them. An unanswered question to this day is why the soldiers would comply. Was it because of fear of their leader, or did they frankly believe what they were doing was faultless? Although the Holocaust ended over sixty-nine years ago, the debt and loss will never be amounted to. As an onlooker of the results of the Holocaust I believe that the Nazi soldiers thought they were superior, and that committing these crimes were a favor to those around them.

Do you think that these soldiers ever felt guilt?