Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Do Bystanders Contribute to Marginalization?


By: Lauryn W. My English class participated in a Socratic Seminar. In this discussion, we focused on how bystanders play a role in marginalization. Marginalization is putting a person or a group of… Continue reading

20 Unconventional Uses For Mittens


By: Bobby Toe warmers Wear as a hat Surgical gloves Boxing gloves Dog booties Toilet paper Substitute with a toothbrush Wash cloth Loofah Stocking Hamburger Helper mitten Worker’s gloves Nose picker Hair brush… Continue reading

Elf Rebel


By: Stephen “Lets kill Santa!!!” all the elves exclaimed as the eldest elf walked up to the podium. When the eldest elf got to the podium he started to say in a raspy… Continue reading

How to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest…


Hello, I am your ultimate guide on how to win an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.. You can go one of two ways, you could be completely unoriginal and buy yourself a sweater from… Continue reading

Is Santa Naughty or Nice?


By: Kiran Kaur Santa has been planning an evil plot since the beginning of time. Everything is an act. These elves that build toys for all the kids around the world–they’re not innocent.… Continue reading

Top 5 Christmas Movies


By Erich V. Elf- Elf is an funny family movie that anyone who needs a good laugh can watch. It is a family tradition to watch this movie on Christmas Eve. It’s not… Continue reading

Ginger bread Monster?


By: Dear    At the peak Mount Everest laid a small quiet cave where a gingerbread monsters sat and played. His mother was had gone to fetch him some water so Little ole… Continue reading

Santa has a midlife crisis.


By Sophia C It was Christmas Eve and santa was getting ready to go and start delivering his gifts. Until he realizes that he can’t find his suit anywhere. Not knowing what to… Continue reading

Should the Nazi soldiers live?


By: Ben While in class discussing the book Night with a Socratic seminar, my fellow classmates talked about having the Jewish babies thrown up and the shot in the Holocaust  I connected the killing… Continue reading

Point of Views


By: Alex Anderson In class we tested out a Socratic seminar format and talked about the first chapter in the book Night by Elie Wiesel. Night is a memoir about the author while he went through… Continue reading

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    Be. Dream. Do. In that order. The view outside room 142 ❄️❄️💗 #snow #teachersofinstagram Period 6 has a vibrant discussion about whether one person can make a difference or if there are times appropriate to be a bystander. #discussion #freshmen  #teachersofinstagram #classrooms Second day of student-led discussions. Today, we focus on bystanders using Night and article "Thirty-eight Who Saw Murder and Didn't Call the Police" #classrooms #teachersofinstagram #discussion #freshmen After discussion, students exchange feedback with their partners. #freshman #discussion #socraticseminar Period 5 character maps #sophomore #literature #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Period 1 character maps #sophomore #literature #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Character mapping Macbeth. #sophomore #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #students #classroom #literature #shakespeare Students partner up, one participates in discussion on inner circle, the other observes and provides feedback. #discussion #freshman #teachersofinstagram Inner circle switching with outer circle in freshmen's first Socratic Seminar! Sophomores just finished Act I of Macbeth! We are shocked by the ferocity and evil of Lady Macbeth. 😈😇😯💀👀🔪 #students #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #sophomore Using our prior knowledge and recent materials to understand the how and why of Socratic Seminar (student-led) discussions. #students #discussion #freshmen #teachersofinstagram
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