Taking Responsibility and Solving My Own Problem

Do you believe that even though life can be difficult you have to take responsibility for solving your problems? I do because I believe that at some point in your life you will have to face problems that are not going to be simple. Whenever you face a problem you have to take responsibility for that problem. Solving your problem is a big thing when you take responsibility of the problem you have to think first is this problem going to impact my life? Some problems will. If you show strength to solve your own problem you are showing a growth mindset.

My personal experience shows that life is a game. In 2008 when my family decided to move to United States from India. We were lucky enough to have our uncle to sponsor us. It was hard for my family to make this decision because my great grandma didn’t want to come to U.S.A. She already visited once and didn’t like it. My family tried to force her to come with us, but she refused. She told us to go to America, and we did. My great grandma told us to go to America because she wanted us to see this country We kids could get better education and settle in America. We could come to America because my dad’s cousin was in India taking care of my great grandma. When we were coming here I was so sad that I was leaving my great grandma.

I was so close to my great grandma. Since I was born she was with me. I still remember whenever I didn’t want to eat she ran behind me carrying the plate. Also, when my parents got mad or angry at me she always protected me. She was always there for me when I was with her.

When I went back to India in 2011 for two family weddings, I pretended that I wasn’t going to come so that I could surprise my grandma, but I was giving her a surprise. She got so excited when she saw my huge family together, but my cousin and I were not in there and she got sad about that. Then my cousin and I both popped up suddenly, and she was so happy to see both of us, we were both happy to see her too. My family took decision of coming here and it was difficult, and my family solved the problem.

When I came to The United States in 2008, I didn’t know anything about my new country. I started with fifth grade without knowing anything: language, writing, speaking, and people. I felt so embarrassed among all of those people. When I went back home after my first day of school I almost cried. Then my parents gave me strength to face the problem. They told me to face the problems and people. My parents also told me that in your everyday life you will be facing different kinds problems. They said that it’s your problem and you have to be responsible to resolve the problem. Then next day of school people were talking to me, so that they can make fun of me, but I didn’t talk to them. I only talked to the people who were nice to me. They supported me in learning the language and adjusting to my new life. Now, I can say confidently that I am a good English speaker, and so happy and proud about that; but sometimes I don’t know what I say because I use weird grammar to speak. Overall I am happy about my English skills today.

In my first year of high school. I did very well throughout the year, but when the teachers started to review for final exams I got so worried. One part of my mind said that I would fail the exams and I didn’t know how well I was going to do. I still remember that when the first final was in front of my face, I was so nervous. For a minute I forgot what to do. Then I took deep breath and relaxed and took the exam. When I got my results, I was so happy about my grades. I felt that I got a huge achievement. That feeling was great. It was my first year in high school, and I shouldn’t be failing anything. Then I made myself stronger and took time to study hard, and found a solution to my problem by being responsible for my studies.

So my personal experience shows that my family and I were capable of taking responsibility and finding solutions to our challenges.