Determination Paves the Path to Success

Determination Paves the Path to Success

Have you ever felt like you wanted to accomplish something so desperately? I have. Since I got in high school I knew that I have to start caring about my grades. Good grades will be important once I graduate.
I studied hard, asking questions whenever I needed them. My grades started to show improvement my junior year. The same year has been applying for many jobs hoping at least to get an interview. I got an interview at McDonalds. I went for the interview thinking it went well, but I ended up not getting the job. With that I knew I had to keep trying to apply. I had finally gotten an interview at Pronio’s Market and was hired on the spot. I felt really successful.
Throughout middle school and highschool I’ve been on the track team. It was during my sophomore year and I’ve been trying to make it into track invitationals.I tried hard in practice and meets, I finally made it to one. I was determined to run my hardest because I didn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.
Ever since the 8th grade, it has been my dream to become a medical secretary. I got offered a chance to get an internship at the Hershey Medical Center for my senior year. The internship will help me get an early start to do the job I hope to pursue in the future. With all of these experiences I learned that you will succeed if you keep trying hard to get to your goal.