I Believe in Staying True to Yourself

I Believe in Staying True to Yourself

“Be yourself because everyone else is taken” it’s one of my favorite quotes because I can connect to it . I believe that being yourself is more important than being popular as a fake you. I believe this because I have seen it happen to many people, I’ve lost friends because of it and its something that has changed the way that I see people . At the start of 6th grade,I noticed that people friends even would called me “random and weird”. So by 7th grade I started to “fix” myself, and censor my random outbursts, and stopped doing the things deemed as “weird” and those “friends” that called me weird and random wanted to hang out with me more and more. For a long time I thought that I was happy but then I noticed was separating myself from my real friends the ones that never judged me or tried to change me . They never said that I needed to calm down or control my thoughts they thought I was perfect as myself. I also noticed is that the more I hung out with my fake friends the lonelier I felt.

Friends often pull you back to yourself but I realized that most of my real friends were gone, pushed away by the fake me. I was left with the people that had changed me. I was entering eighth grade totally different person than I was the previous year. When I finally was confronted about why I was changing, I was actually shocked. This friend that told me was the last good friend that I had, and if not for her I wouldn’t be the happy,hyper and sometimes weird person that I am today . After talking to my friend I started being myself again being that happy and hyper person that I am today later I started to get all of my friends back. It was all going good Until I realized that the friends that tried to change me were all starting to leave me again. At first I was upset and wanted to try to fix myself again until I finally realized that I was so much happier being my real self and I still had friends that accepted me.

When I accepted myself enjoyed life so much more, and noticed that I didn’t need friends that were only friends with the fake me. After that I realized that if you had to change yourself to be fit in then you’re not meant to fit in. I believe that being yourself is more important than being popular or fitting in. Being yourself is important because nobody else can do it better than you!