Doing what’s right does not mean following every law.

Doing what’s right does not mean following every law.

I believe doing what is right does not mean always following every law. Instead speaking your opinion to get rid of the unjust rules in our society. The rule of law exists because enough of us believe in it and that the government enforces it that people do not want to face the consequences, even the non-believers of that law, have to follow it as it is true. If nobody ever spoke out their opinion in the society, then the government could put any law in place and we would have to follow it.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a prime example of somebody who peacefully spoke out against the laws that were in place. He exercised his right to free speech. Without him awareness of how unjust the segregation laws were in the United States may have not have happened as fast as it did. When people speak out against government, usually it is very peaceful. But sometimes it is not. In the Middle East, for example, protesters were raising awareness but the government responded with violence. If it was not for those protesters that spoke out against their government nothing would have changed, it just would have gotten worse than it was. Thanks to the protesters the country completely changed it system of working. People are now allowed to vote and there is now freedom of speech.

Another example of how doing what is right does not mean following every law is an ongoing pressure in America to legalize marijuana. Like the other examples, if people did not step up in their local community to bring awareness of how marijuana was not dangerous and that it has medical benefits the state government would have never even have noticed that it was in need of a change. The activists also raised awareness on a topic that they felt strongly about peacefully. They gained a big following that the state government recognized them and changed the law to allow the use for medical marijuana Maybe even one day in the near future the federal government will notice the importance in changing the current law.

Our own country was founded on speaking out against what is not right. Before the country was formed we were under the rule of Great Britain. The government of Great Britain did not understand what life was like over in North America because the colonists were the first people to travel here from Britain. There were unjust laws set in place for the colonist to abide by, such as taxation without representation. The colonists were being taxed and they did not have a say about what the government was doing with that money unlike citizens living within Great Britain who had a say in what was going to happen with the money. So inturn the colonist started to speak out against them and from that we succeeded from Great Britain and became our own country.

If no one ever spoke their opinion, society would never have any advancements. When the colonists were writing the constitution they added a section ensuring that people could speak out against the government if it was something they strongly believed in. I was taught at a very young age to follow every rule that was put in place no matter what, but as i got older I learned that sometimes the people who make those rules don’t always understand how the rule affects people. Sometimes you have to bring awareness to that subject in order for it to change.