This I Believe nature

This I believe nature audio

Have you ever sat in the woods completely disconnected from the world? I have. Through the struggles in life nature can be a calming force. It is your job to find what in nature can heal you.
I believe in the emotional healing power of nature. When I was a child I played in my backyard in the woods. I would run through the forest and climb my special tree. Some days when I got home from school, I would run to my back yard and climb my tree. Toward the center of the tree four branches met and made a little seat for me. I would sit up there for hours at a time. I watched as the seasons changed and the tree would grow its white flowers. In the winter snow coated the tree like a blanket but I still made my way up the tree. In the summer, the tree would shelter me from the rain. The tree was a sanctuary for me whenever I had a problem. When my grandparents died I sat in my tree and thought of all the happy memories I had.
Another reason why nature is emotionally healing for me is a place called Shenandoah national park . Shenandoah has trails throughout the mountains that lead to waterfalls and various outlooks. The year my family and I went was three weeks after my grandfather had past. One trail we hiked to the bottom of a waterfall. There were flat rock so my family and I decided to take a lunch break. About seven minutes into our lunch break a kaleidoscope of butterfly’s landed on a rock near us. There were at least eight Tiger swallowtails, ten Spicebush Swallowtail and what looked to be some Eastern Comma butterfly. The sun was hitting the spray from the waterfall making a rainbow. All of the butterflies and water reminded me of the good times I had with my grandfather.
Shenandoah and my tree both signify my love of nature and have helped me throughout special times. Both experiences have helped me get over the death of my grandmother as well as my grandfather. More memories that I can count come from these places. Nature has a sense of peace and quiet that few realize much less truly experience.