Practice makes you successful

Practice Makes You Successful Audio

I believe if you practice hard enough you can become successful. My mother always told me to never give up on sports just because I didn’t have it down the first try. My whole family follows the quote “practice makes perfect”.

It was a hot day outside and I had a basketball hoop outback, I was playing with my cousin, he was bigger than me and i saw him swishing baskets and dunking and it looked awesome. I wanted to try to dunk. He would pick me up and let me dunk it was fun. Then i started missing so I got really upset and stomped into my house and started crying and saying, “I quit”. My mother panicked“ wait, quit what”? I stated, “quit basketball” she demanded “no you have to keep trying”. So she took me back outside and I shot the ball close to the net and made it. She asked “you see what happens when you try and try again? She said “practice makes perfect”.

My grandmother influenced me the most because she allowed me to practice before I gave up. When I went to sleep in my bedroom alone for the first time, I was about 5 years old and she kept telling me I could do it. I was so scared i didn’t know what to do it was dark and cold. I had a tv but I was too shaky and worried about what was in my closet than what’s on tv. Later that night I tried to sneak in her room but the door was locked there was a note on the door which said the quote” Practice makes perfect”. It took me a while because I was thinking what the word quote even mean but  I understood it and I sleep in my bedroom all the time.

I just think that if i achieve a lot of things i can make it. Like trying at basketball or sleeping alone. It wasn’t that hard it was easy i grew up. I realized I am going to start living on my own soon so I need to do what I have to and I will know how to do it.