Perfect Does Not Exist

Perfect Doesn’t Exist Audio

Students and athletes strive for the perfect score or the perfect time. But, there is no perfect. This I believe is the greatest fail in life. Perfect is a barrier that blocks possibilities. It restricts one’s ability to perform at their fullest. It siphons creativity just because its not standard. Just because you can run a four minute mile does not mean it is perfect. That four minutes can becom 3.5. Yes it will take hard work but you still have the potential to run faster. Same with education. One can learn how to calculate math equations that are more complex using what the teacher gave them. They also may get 100% on all their tests, but that 100% is not perfect. It is enough to satisfy a teacher but remember, the student only used what the teacher taught them. They could have gone the extra leap to finding new equations to get the same answer. That leap is beyond the the misconception of perfect and reaching one’s full potential.
Now, you may be thinking “what if a person has a medical condition that does not allow them to run faster. Or perhaps a learning disability such a dyslexia?” As a student with dyslexia I can tell you that there is hope and it is possible to improve on anything you put more thought too. There are ways around a disability by using spell check and asking friends to proofread their work. Just because one has a difficult time with spelling does not mean they can not be a good writer. In fact, they can be an even better writer than a student with no disabilities because they have to really think about what they are writing. There is that possibility for a student with a learning disability to create something that goes beyond the guidelines of the writing essay with deeper though.
Students and athletes are not the only victims of perfection. The arts are also in danger of this societal monstrosity. Many times you will hear artist say, “your painting is perfect. I like it just the way it is”. That is one of the biggest lies my ears have ever heard. Yes a painting can be extremely well done and look flawless but that is not the end to the piece. It has the potential to excel in the art world more than what it already has by pushing further with one’s abilities. Perhaps the painting is missing a few highlights in the sky or grass. You could make the the dark values more bold. There is infinite possibilities and ways to make ones art better than before.
Perfect is the venom that destroys the tissues of possibility. It can stop one’s ideas and even burn hope for improvement because someone said “that’s perfect.” The best way to defeat perfection is to have hope. Hope is something beyond what society believes is “normal” and can be anything you wish to improve on. You can hope for a new pet cat because you need a friend in life. Perhaps you hope for a better job so you dont have to keep taking out of your savings. What ever that hope is, takes you beyond the level of perfection. you can get a pet cat and a human friend as well. You can get a better job and start putting money into savings. It is possible. You just need to go beyond standards and shoot for what you want and believe in. “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul” (William Earnest Henley)