I Believe Love Lives On.

I believe love lives on, I’ve experienced a lot in 16 years. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. When I was nine I lost my great grandma. I was never told what happened to her. It was the first death I can actually say I remember. It was completely unexpected for me. Even though I never got to say goodbye to her, the love she had for me I know still lives on with me forever. When I’m having a bad day I feel as if she is there telling me to put a smile on my face. My great grandmas love will forever live on with me.

My Uncle Joe, who also passed away when I was about ten (although it feels like I lost him a lifetime ago) still lives on with me today. I feel him when I am visiting his old workplace in Connecticut or when I am with my Uncle John who was close friends with my Uncle Joe. I feel him especially when I hug his wife Dawn. It’s almost as if his love surrounds us all the time. When a motorcycle passes me on the highway I automatically feel him and his love and passion for my family come over me. Joe will continue to live on with me.

Although my sister Alyssa and I really didn’t get along, losing her a year and a half ago was possibly one of the most heartbreaking things that has ever happened to me. All these losses were hard for me; this one may have been the worst. It hit way too close to home for me. Throughout high school Alyssa always had done drugs. From what I understand, my mom kept a lot of the details of every death from me. We lost her to a heroin overdose. I didn’t have many reasons to think  her love would live on with me, but I have never once felt like it was real that she was gone. I have always denied her loss. What really makes her love live on for me is my little sister Cassidy. Cassidy’s freckles and her love for the outdoors reminds me so much of Alyssa.

My great grandma, uncle and sister will always have a special spot in my heart. All of their love will live on with me but most importantly, it will live on through my family.