Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Words can be the most powerful weapon of all


My Audio Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can kill. Bullying can lead to a variety of consequences; none of them positive. I believe bullying is wrong. Bullying over time… Continue reading

Taking Responsibility and Solving My Own Problem


Do you believe that even though life can be difficult you have to take responsibility for solving your problems? I do because I believe that at some point in your life you will… Continue reading

Determination Paves the Path to Success


Determination Paves the Path to Success Have you ever felt like you wanted to accomplish something so desperately? I have. Since I got in high school I knew that I have to start… Continue reading

There Is Something Inside You That Is Greater Than Any Obstacle


There Is Something Inside You That Is Greater Than Any Obstacle Did you ever feel like you were going to lose someone that you love? “Faith is why she is here today and… Continue reading

Doing what’s right does not mean following every law.


Doing what’s right does not mean following every law. I believe doing what is right does not mean always following every law. Instead speaking your opinion to get rid of the unjust rules… Continue reading

I Believe in Staying True to Yourself


I Believe in Staying True to Yourself “Be yourself because everyone else is taken” it’s one of my favorite quotes because I can connect to it . I believe that being yourself is… Continue reading

Perfect Does Not Exist


Perfect Doesn’t Exist Audio Students and athletes strive for the perfect score or the perfect time. But, there is no perfect. This I believe is the greatest fail in life. Perfect is a… Continue reading

This I Believe nature


This I believe nature audio Have you ever sat in the woods completely disconnected from the world? I have. Through the struggles in life nature can be a calming force. It is… Continue reading

Practice makes you successful


Practice Makes You Successful Audio I believe if you practice hard enough you can become successful. My mother always told me to never give up on sports just because I didn’t have it… Continue reading

Odds of One in 1,000


Your odds are one in 1000. Do you believe miracles happen? When people say there is no chance, prove them wrong and do what they say you couldn’t. Anything is possible no matter… Continue reading

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    Be. Dream. Do. In that order. The view outside room 142 ❄️❄️💗 #snow #teachersofinstagram Period 6 has a vibrant discussion about whether one person can make a difference or if there are times appropriate to be a bystander. #discussion #freshmen  #teachersofinstagram #classrooms Second day of student-led discussions. Today, we focus on bystanders using Night and article "Thirty-eight Who Saw Murder and Didn't Call the Police" #classrooms #teachersofinstagram #discussion #freshmen After discussion, students exchange feedback with their partners. #freshman #discussion #socraticseminar Period 5 character maps #sophomore #literature #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Period 1 character maps #sophomore #literature #macbeth #teachersofinstagram Character mapping Macbeth. #sophomore #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #students #classroom #literature #shakespeare Students partner up, one participates in discussion on inner circle, the other observes and provides feedback. #discussion #freshman #teachersofinstagram Inner circle switching with outer circle in freshmen's first Socratic Seminar! Sophomores just finished Act I of Macbeth! We are shocked by the ferocity and evil of Lady Macbeth. 😈😇😯💀👀🔪 #students #shakespeare #macbeth #teachersofinstagram #sophomore Using our prior knowledge and recent materials to understand the how and why of Socratic Seminar (student-led) discussions. #students #discussion #freshmen #teachersofinstagram
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